Arteriovenous fistulas have proven to be the longest lasting, safest method of gaining vascular access for dialysis.
Normally, blood flows from arteries into capillaries and then into veins. When an arteriovenous fistula is present, blood flows directly from an artery into a vein, bypassing the capillaries. An arteriovenous fistula for kidney dialysis is the connection of a vein and an artery in order to create a long lasting site accessing the vascular system for dialysis.

The AV fistula creation uses patients own veins and arteries without use of artificial material, thus lowering the risk of infection and complications.

However the process of dialysis can be dynamic and blood clots or blockages can occur in the AV Fistula.
Prompt restoration of the flow and correction of the narrowing is essential to maintain this lifeline for dialysis